Orient Aeroslim Fan Review: Everything to Know About India’s First Smart Ceiling Fan

Are you imagining of upgrading your home or office ceiling fan to a smart one? Here is a golden opportunity for you. The leading Indian consumer electric brand, Orient Electric, has unveiled India’s first smart ceiling fan, called Orient Aeroslim fan. Apart from being the first Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled smart ceiling fan, this is also featuring a unique inverter motor technology to save power. We have more details about the innovative ceiling fan from Orient Electric below. Stay with us after the image break.

There are several brilliant things about the Orient Aeroslim fan. Notably, being a smart fan, it supports voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. A cylindrical design, telescopic mounting facility, integrated LED light, and a highly-efficient inverter motor are only a few to count as the awesome features of the Orient smart ceiling fan. This fan would certainly be a piece of attraction in your office, living, or dining room.

Orient Aeroslim Fan – All to Know About

Technically speaking, Orient Aeroslim fan is like any regular ceiling fan with a sweep of 1200m, air delivery of 240 CMM, and RPM of 310. But where it notably differs from the regular fans is in its integration of the smart technologies. First of all, Orient Aeroslim consumes only 45 watts, thanks to the included inverter motor, as said above. The innovative motor helps the fan save 40% of energy compared to a regular ceiling fan. Follow the button below to order a unit of the Orient fan. Its price is around Rs. 7500 as of writing this.

By the way, being a smart fan, it is quite easy to control. As you see, you can simply use voice commands via either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Or you have other options like a remote controller and mobile app. The included mobile app, connected to the fan via a Wi-Fi network, helps you manage the overall function of the fan. Interestingly, the mobile app could support multiple Orient Aeroslim fans at the same time.

Meanwhile, the Orient ceiling fan further integrates a host of other advanced features, such as turbo mode, sleep mode, reverse rotation, breeze mode, and etc. Yet another point of attraction is the integrated LED light that offers diffused light. It is indeed a dimmable light so you could set it in a way it would offer the maximum comfort to your eyes. Its seamless design along with a premium glossy finish is another lovely thing.

Why Should You Buy

Obviously, there are several things why you should go for the new Orient Aeroslim fan though it is a bit pricey. This device is going to change the way you have been finding a ceiling fan. With a host of amazing features and specialties, you can surely enjoy a different feel in your home or office with the Orient Aeroslim fan.

1. First Internet of Things-Based Ceiling Fan

Orient Aeroslim fan is the first of its kind of Internet of Things-based ceiling fans in India. This is a point of time we get many smart products to make our life simpler. The idea of the smart home is indeed growing fast in the help of the new-gen Internet of Things devices and technologies. Hence, you are lucky enough to get a superb ceiling fan in your home or office, which you could completely control on various Internet-based platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant.

2. Power Saver Inverter Motor

Fine, we have been familiar with the power saver inverter technologies in air conditioners and refrigerators. Orient is taking a leap by introducing an inverter motor in its ceiling fan, thus letting you save 40% of energy consumption. Moreover, it helps the fan work even at low voltages of up to 140V. That is, Orient is going to revolutionize the industry of ceiling fans with the integration of an advanced power saver technology.

3. Ceiling Adjustable Telescopic Mounting

Whatever ceiling you have – modern or traditional – the Orient Aeroslim fan would perfectly fit the space, for sure. Its integrated telescopic mounting feature is indeed a way to stylishly mount the fan on your ceiling. So, the fan helps add more style to your overall interior. It would stay in perfect sync with your interior design.

4. Aerodynamic Blade Design

Moreover, the Orient Aeroslim fan features an aerodynamic profiled blade design. This feature does not only add to the overall beauty and style of the fan but also guarantees a higher air delivery. Thus, you could ensure more air in your living room, office, kitchen, or dining hall with a single fan.

5. Multiple Functional Modes

The Orient fan features several functional modes to meet several of your requirements. Let us begin with the turbo mode. It offers you maximum speeds for higher air delivery. Meanwhile, the sleep mode lets you set speed control automatically for a night of uninterrupted and comfortable sleep. Another important feature is the included breeze mode, which would let the fan deliver a more natural wind feel.

6. Integrated LED Light

Another lovely thing about the Orient Aeroslim fan is the included scene-switching light on its hub. The light offers you a dimming option so, as said above, you can set the required brightness to realize a good feel in your interior. Certainly, you can control the lighting on the remote and the mobile app easily.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy

As you see, the Orient Aeroslim fan is an Internet of Things-based device. Apart from its aesthetic aspects, this is a smart ceiling fan, which works only with some additional facilities in your home, including a reliable Wi-Fi network and supporting devices and technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Furthermore, the premium Orient fan is a bit pricier. Compared to the premium variant of a regular fan itself, it is almost two times costlier. So, before buying, make sure this is a product that clearly matches your needs.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the innovative Orient Areoslim fan. Though it is released just a few weeks before, the device has certainly made waves on the market in India. There have been several takers for the premium fan and most of them have shared positive notes on its performance. So, if you looking to upgrade your ceiling fans with the smart ones, this is the best opportunity for the change. By the way, share your thoughts about the product in the comments below. So, your readers will be lucky to get more details of it.

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