Best Glue Gun in India: 5 Top-Seller Hot Glue Guns You Could Buy at a Great Price

A glue gun is a must-have tool for all DIYers. Fine, a lot of people today love to do crafting and basic repairing works themselves. For every such need, a glue gun is indeed the basic requirement. See, you could make DIY crafts, build furniture, fix a ripped cushion, and repair many things using a glue gun.

In fact, you can use a glue gun to fix any object strongly. It works better than any regular glue in fixing certain materials. That is why we would like to come up with a list of top-selling glue guns here. So, you could find the best glue gun in India at an affordable price after the break.

Hope you know how a glue gun works. It heats glue stick and delivers adhesive to any surface through a small nozzle. Thus, you can use a glue gun to stick any objects together so it becomes a popular tool for DIYers. Well, you get different glue guns on the market.

They include high-powered and smaller glue guns. The cordless hot glue guns are perfect for DIYers. They are highly portable and are highlighting features like interchangeable tips and different temperature settings. It is up to you to decide on what is the best glue gun in India.

Best Glue Gun in India

If you are in search of a perfect glue gun, you have landed in the right place. We have a list of the best glue guns in India below. Our team of researchers has hand-picked some cool models, which you could buy at a good price. Stay with us for detailed reviews of all the best glue guns in India below.

1. Stanley Glue Gun 69GR20B

One of the most popular glue guns on the Indian market is definitely this Stanley model. The Gluepro Trigger Melt Glue Gun is a 30W machine with a quality-engineered build for highly reliable performance. It makes use of a trigger-feed technology to control the flow of glue.

You could use any standard 11mm hot glue sticks in the Stanely gun to produce good quality adhesive for any materials. The Stanely device heats up the stick quickly and it bonds in a few seconds. Use the link below to check out the price of the Stanely glue gun and buy a unit.

The lovely thing about the Stanley Gluepro Trigger Melt Glue Gun is its massive customer reviews, of course. As of writing this, this product has attracted around 2000 reviews on Amazon alone with an outstanding star rating of 4.3. That means, there are many takers for this brilliant product.

Of course, its incredible performance and affordable price look to be the two remarkable things people would love with the glue gun. That is why we have it as the first pick on our list of the best glue gun in India. We have more models of the best glue guns on the Indian market below.

Key Features

  • Corded Hot Melt Glue Gun.
  • Easy-to-Use and Lightweight Design.
  • Standard 12mm Glue Sticks Only.
  • Cordless Variant Available.

2. Generic 40W Glue Gun with 5 Sticks

Yet another best glue gun in India is this 40W Generic model. It also comes with trigger-feed control. So you can enjoy all types of DIY works, crafts, repairs, and hobbies with a decent flow of glue. For delicate objects, you can use a lower temperature setting for better results.

Coming to the popularity, this model is certainly one of the leading glue guns you could find on the Indian market. Several people have picked this model and the reviews are also good enough to make it yet another best glue gun in India. Check out its price by following the button below and buy a unit if you like it.                                                   

As put it above, this is a 40-watt device. It is lightweight and portable so that you can take it anywhere easily. Though many of its takers have appreciated the gun, some have raised complaints about its performance.

If you want to buy the device check the link above and see how people think about it. Overall, it is one of the top-selling glue guns on the market. Along with it comes as many as 5 units of glue sticks for free.

3. Mega Glue Gun 40W with 8 Sticks

Here is another 40W hot glue gun. The Mega Glue Gun is yet another ideal tool to glue various objects such as wood, plastic, glass, stone, textile, metal, and etc. This trigger-feed gun works quite fine in joining and sealing different surfaces with pretty good performance.

With the hot-melt type adhesive, you can do all such works and DIY crafts perfectly. Well, the gun features a nozzle with a heat guard. And like the above models, you can make temperature settings for different works. Use the link below to order a unit of the gun.                                               

You get this best glue gun in India with 8 glue sticks of 200mm. So it looks a worthy pick for its price, of course. When it comes to the customer feedback also, the gun is outstanding. On all retail sites, the Mega Glue Gun is doing quite well. So, you could go for this model with no worry at all.

That is why we have it on our list of the best glue gun in India. You can certainly go for this model that weighs very lightweight and is ultra-portable too. We have more models of glue guns below.

4. BillionBAG 40W Glue Gun with 15 Sticks

BillionBAG 40W Glue Gun is another cool glue gun in India. It is an easy-to-use adhesive tool that you can buy for DIY crafts and repairs. The device comes up with 15 glue sticks so it looks a worthy pick for its price. Like all other hot glue guns, this model heats up in 3 to 5 minutes.

It is quite safe and comfortable to use. It features a nozzle guard and a trigger-feed propulsion technology for better flow control of the adhesive. Well, that helps save much more glue sticks. Use the link below to check out its price and buy a unit of the BillionBAG glue gun.

The BillionBAG Glue Gun has attracted several users in India. However, the customer response on about the product is a mixed one. Some people haven’t liked the gun for different reasons.

Whatever, it looks yet another best glue gun in India for its price and quality. Of course, you can include this device in your toolkit for DIY crafts, repairs, or other household uses. It is available at an affordable price.

5. Glun 20W Mini Hot Glue Gun with 25 Sticks

We have another best glue gun in India as the last pick on our list today. This Glun Glue Gun is a 20-watt device and you get it with different kits of glue sticks. The model we have picked for the list comes with 25 glue sticks of 7 mm diameter.

The gun is indeed a perfect solution for DIY crafts, home repairing, and several other tasks. It is very handy and lightweight so you can use it to glue any objects together and take it anywhere.

This model has good reviews on all retail sites. So we have it on our list as one of the best glue guns in India. If you are looking for a small and handy glue gun, this is a cool pick, of course. It is a very small and less powerful device that you can use to perform any DIY jobs nicely.

Moreover, you get the glue gun in different colors and bundles. Along with blue, there is a yellow version also. Different kits have a different number of free sticks.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the top glue guns in India. There are indeed several models of hot glue guns on the market. Hope this list will let you find the best glue gun in India easily. Of course, we have picked the models based on the customer reviews and rating on key retail sites, especially Amazon.

A glue gun is a very important tool of a DIYer or a weekend warrior, who loves to do several small jobs at home or office. A perfect glue gun lets you stick together a variety of objects and surfaces. Hope you find the best glue gun for all your needs.

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