Best Electric Pressure Washer for Cars: 5 Brilliant Electric Pressure Washers in India to Clean Your Car Easily

For everybody, it would be a hard task to clean the car regularly, wouldn’t it? After a long drive, I myself feel it as a quite hectic job to clean my hatchback. Meanwhile, giving the car to a water service is not only costly but also a time killer. Then, the coolest solution is to buy a pressure washer for your car. Fine, in my search for the best electric pressure washer for cars, I came across several amazing models on the market. Here I would like to invite your attention to some of those top-seller electric pressure washers in India.

As you know, a pressure washer is not just for car cleaning. You can carry out a variety of tasks with a pressure washer. You can remove the accumulated dirt and stain from your BBQ, home walls, or anything like that. Of course, you need a good-quality pressure washer to handle many of those outdoor cleaning jobs. For your car, along with a portable vacuum cleaner, a pressure washer is certainly the best way to clean it regularly in style.

Best Electric Pressure Washer for Cars

There is a big variety of the best electric pressure washer for cars in India. Many known and small-time brands sell cool solutions to make your car cleaning a simple task. Every pressure washer comes with different motor power and nozzles, and etc. What you would do is to find your favorite model from the below top-seller list so you get a real solution to clean your car daily. We would like to cover all the top-seller models of the pressure washers below. Stay tuned with us after the break for the full list.

1. Bosch AQT 35-12 High-pressure Washer

This looks to be one of the most popular models of its kind on the Indian market. This is, in fact, a 1500W high-pressure washer that could offer a maximum flow rate of 350L per hour and a maximum pressure of 120 bar. Of course, that is enough to let you clean your car or any other dirty surface in a matter of time. Coming to the popularity, this model has got a lot of takers. And its customer rating is also awesome so you can surely try out this Bosch high-pressure washer for your car or any cleaning tasks in your household or workplace.

Check Price and Buy @ Bosch AQT 35-12 High-Pressure Washer

This model outdoes the crowd with a lot of exciting features. Remarkably, it comes with a 3-in-1 nozzle, making it suitable for cleaning various surfaces. The included sturdy wheels help you move the Bosch pressure washer from one place to the other easily. Meanwhile, its quickly foldable handle further makes it a brilliant portable tool for cleaning. Overall, the advanced pressure washer helps you finish cleaning a bike in just 5 minutes and a car in 10 minutes. Use the link above to buy a unit of the Bosch AQT 35-12 pressure washer.


  • A 1500W washer with 350L/hr flow rate and 120 bar pressure.
  • Quickly foldable handle and wheels for easy moving. 
  • A highly popular pressure washer on the market.
  • Advanced features for quick cleaning of your car.

2. ResQTech 1700-watt 135 Bar High-pressure Washer

The next best electric pressure washer for cars comes from a brand called ResQTech. This model, as the title suggests, is a more powerful pressure washer with a 1700-watt motor that could spray 380L water per hour. The maximum pressure the machine offers is 135 bar. Thus, you simply get a powerful pressure washer that also works nicely in cleaning several other surfaces than a car or motorbike. Well, you can even remove road tar, grease deposits from concrete, rust, stains, and oil from various surfaces using this washer.

Check Price and Buy @ ResQTech 1700W 135 Bar High-pressure Washer

The model equips a detergent spray nozzle to ease your cleaning tasks. Also, you can customize the nozzle spray to match your needs for each cleaning job. Moreover, like the above model, it comes with rear wheels for easy moving so you can use the washer anywhere. A 5-meter water hose and a 5-meter power cable are other attractions of the ResQTech pressure washer. Overall, it is certainly one of the best pressure washers out there in India. You can buy it for an incredible price from the Amazon link above.


  • A 1700W washer with  380L/hr flow rate and 135 bar pressure.
  • Rear wheels for easy moving of the washer.
  • A detergent spray nozzle to ease your cleaning jobs.
  • A highly-recommended pressure washer for various cleaning tasks.

3. Black & Decker PW1370 Electric Pressure Washer

This is another incredible pressure washer to quickly clean your car, pathways, home walls, and etc. Black & Decker, a famous innovator of power tools and accessories in India, offers different models of washers and cleaning equipment. We have picked this for our list thanks to its increased popularity and rating. Of course, this cool device can stop your visits to a garage or service center to clean your car. Thus, you can save some bucks as well as time. And enjoy cleaning your car, bike, or anything else yourself.

Check Price and Buy @ Black & Decker PW1370 Electric Pressure Washer

This device is, in fact, a medium variant of Black & Decker’s line of pressure washers with a motor of 1300W. It could pass an economical 6L of water per minute and offer you 100 bar maximum pressure. That makes you clean your car or anything else with less effort. Of course, a lot of other advanced features make this the best electric pressure washer for cars in India you could try out.

See, it has got a well-engineered nozzle that is very sturdy. You can use this long nozzle to reach out to all the corners to ensure better cleaning. Also, it equips a high-performance water inlet filter as another remarkable attraction. Above all, it is very friendly for easy moving with its built-in rubber tread wheels.


  • A 1300-watt washer with 60L per minute and 100 bar pressure. 
  • Highly advanced pressure washer with a lot of exciting features. 
  • One of the best pressure washers in India for cars and other uses. 
  • Highly portable with the rear wheels for easier moving.

4. Karcher K2 1400-Watt Pressure Washer

Here is another compact pressure washer from a brand called Karcher. This much-touted German-technology product is a high-performance washer that you can use to clean your car, garden pathways, patios, walls, and etc. The most lovely thing about the powerful device is its increased mobility. That is why the 1400W pressure washer is one of the best of its kind on the Indian market. Coming to specs, it renders a maximum pressure of 120 bar and max flow rate of 360L per hour. Use the link below to buy a unit of the device.

Check Price and Buy @ Karcher K2 1400-Watt Pressure Washer

This Karcher device has got a lot of other amazing features, by the way. First off, it sports an advanced N-Cor pump under the hood. Further, it equips a detergent injector to ensure the better supply of detergent to the cleaning areas. Above all, it touts a very stylish and practical design, which makes it highly friendly for portable use. The impact-resistant case could safeguard the motor and other components securely even in rough uses.


  • A 1400-watt washer with 360L per hour and a max pressure of 120 bar.
  • Very compact and versatile pressure washer. 
  • Advanced pump and sturdy case for the safety of the washer. 
  • Highly recommended for various uses other than just for cleaning a car or bike.

5. Bosch AQT 37-13 Plus High-pressure Car Washer

We have one more Bosh machine on our list of the best electric pressure washer for cars. This is a premium 1700W powerful washer with a rugged and durable design. Hence, you can buy it for various cleaning jobs like a car, gate, windows, pathways, and etc. The best part about the Bosch AQT-37-13 device is indeed its multi-purpose usability. This washer could deliver a maximum flow of 370L per hour and a max pressure of 130 bar. That is, you get a pretty much powerful car washer that would help you clean your car in a matter of time.

Check Price and Buy @ Bosch AQT 37-13 Plus High-pressure Car Washer

The advanced pressure washer comes with a number of accessories. Mainly, it features a 3-in-1 unique nozzle that lets you spray the water suitable for various jobs efficiently. Meanwhile, you also get an inlet water filter, a nozzle cleaning pin, a 5-meter power cable, patio brush, and etc. Coming to the movability, the rear wheels let you move the device easily into various worksites. Regarding popularity, it is indeed the best electric pressure washer for cars in India with a large number of customer reviews and a better rating on all key retail sites.


  • A 1700-watt washer with 370L per hour and a max pressure of 120 bar.
  • Highly rugged and durable washer for various cleaning jobs.
  • Rich accessories and largely portable with the included rear wheels.
  • A premium and powerful pressure washer for your cars.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best pressure washers in India. Hope you have enjoyed it. There are actually a lot of different models of pressure washers from the same brands or others in India. You can follow the product links above to find more cool models and buy the best electric pressure washer for cars at the best price. That would make your life rather simpler and amazing because you could save a lot of time and money on cleaning your car regularly. Share your thoughts about the products in comments below.

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