Best Blood Pressure Monitoring Machine in India: 7 Top-seller Blood Pressure Machines You Could Buy Online in India

Taking your blood pressure reading at home is quite easy these days. Of course, it will largely help someone who has a high or borderline blood pressure. You can check your BP measurements at different times during the day. That is why this is a cool idea to buy an automatic blood pressure cuff for home. We have a range of easy-to-use blood pressure machines on the market today. In this article, we would like to cover some of the top-seller models to let you find the best blood pressure monitoring machine in India.

You should consider several important things while buying a blood pressure monitoring machine. First off, it is a medical equipment and, therefore, the data should be accurate. Indeed, with a good quality BP machine, you can prepare a log of your blood pressure measurements for a period. Thus, your health care professional can easily evaluate your physical condition and check the effectiveness of the medicines.

Best Blood Pressure Monitoring Machine in India

There is actually a big number of blood pressure monitor machines on the Indian market. Mainly, we have two types of home BP machines; arm-cuff and wrist-cuff models. Both the models have their own attractions and features. Anywhere, we make an effort to introduce you to some of the most-reviewed machines in both the categories. Hence, it should be easy for you to go for the best blood pressure monitoring machine in India.

1. Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM 7120 is most likely the best blood pressure monitoring machine in India. This fully-automatic and compact BP machine has got such a number of takers in the country. Fine, the Japanese maker has built it in a way even a layman could easily measure blood pressure in a matter of time. This works on the oscillometric measuring principle to ensure you get the best data with no fuss. It measures even the trivial variations of 40 mmHg and so we have it as the first pick on our list of the best blood pressure machines in India.

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Coming to the detailed specs, you get the Omron machine with a large LCD display. Hence, it is easy for you to read the measuring data quickly. Moreover, the monitor sports rubber pads at the base so it won’t skid on the surface you place it while checking your BP. Overall, the device is very lightweight and non-fragile, making it the best blood pressure monitoring machine in India with good portability capabilities. By the way, use the link above to order a unit of the Omron BP machine from Amazon at a great price.

Notable Features

  • Innovative IntelliSense technology for accurate BP measurement.
  • Capable to detect body movement error and irregular heartbeats.
  • Highly lightweight, non-fragile, and non-skid BP monitor.
  • One of the of the most popular BP machines in India. 
  • Multiple variants available from the brand.

2. Dr. Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor BP09

Yet another best blood pressure monitoring machine in India is this Dr. Morepen device. This is also a good quality product that offers you accurate blood pressure readings. If you have elder parents, this is certainly a must-have in your home. The device supports the memory of four different users. So you can keep a check on the blood pressure of multiple people and store the logs for further reference. That is why it has got several takers on the Indian market. You can buy a unit of the Dr. Morepen BP machine from the link below.

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Of course, the Dr. Morepen blood pressure machine has got several exciting features. It comes up with WHO blood pressure classification indication and, therefore, you can compare your readings with the ideal outputs. Meanwhile, it touts the facility for low battery detection as well as irregular heartbeat detection. The operation of the BP machine is superbly simple so that even a common man can use it without any fuss. The integrated display is of also a good quality one making you read the data with no much hassle.

Notable Features

  • Lightweight and easy-to-use blood pressure machine. 
  • Capable to store the logs of four users.
  • Irregular heartbeat detection.
  • Integrates WHO blood pressure classification indication.
  • Multiple variants available from the brand. 
  • One of the popular portable BP machines on the market.

3. HealthSense Classic BP120 Heart-Mate BP Monitor

HealthSense’s Heart-Mate BP120 is another brilliant model for your regular BP readings. Well, it works on the new oscillometric measuring principle for an accurate reading. Moreover, the device sports a large LCD display to let you read the measurements quickly. To make it further easy, the company has designed the front panel of the device in a black shade. By the way, it features the facilities for detecting irregular heartbeat and body movements, thus offering you the best results for sure. Follow the link below to buy a unit of Heart-Mate.

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It could store the BP measurement data of two users with 120 readings each. Along with the monitor, you get a pretty wide arm cuff so that it works nicely for people with large arms. Another most exciting thing about the BP machine is its integrated 6V universal port for charging. So, you can simply connect the device with a USB adapter or any other USB power source to juice up the battery. Above all, this is a lightweight and portable monitor that touts skid-proof silicon feet for a better grip on any surface.

Notable Features

  • Oscillometric measuring technology for accurate data. 
  • A larger LCD screen with a black front panel for easy reading.
  • An integrated 6V universal port for USB charging.
  • Capable to store the user memory of two persons. 
  • Lightweight, highly portable blood pressure machine.

4. Dr. Trust A-One Max BP Monitor

This is another best blood pressure monitoring machine in India with a range of awesome features. The lovely thing is that it features a Hindi and English talking facility. Hence, people with bad eyesight can use it to assess their BP measurements regularly without anybody’s help. Meanwhile, if you don’t like it you can just mute the option. Also, the Dr. Trust BP machine can record the measurement logs of unlimited persons. And the built-in micro universal port lets you charge it from any USB port – whether a USB charger, laptop, or etc.

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Furthermore, you get a Dr. Trust BP Connect app to lively access and store your BP readings on your phone. The app connects with the monitor via Bluetooth 4.0 and it works in both iOS and Android devices. You can quickly access the BP readings on your phone and store the data for later use. More excitedly, the monitor’s screen has got three-color hypertension indicators. The backlight is green if your BP is normal, it turns yellow to indicate pre-hypertension, and red if your readings show hypertension.

Notable Features

  • Hindi and English dual talking BP monitor.
  • Hypertension indicator with three-colored backlights.
  • Dr. Trust App via Bluetooth for real-time tracking on phone. 
  • Lightweight and highly portable automatic BP machine.

5. Citizen CH-432 Blood Pressure Monitor

Citizen’s CH-432 is another top-seller blood pressure machine in India. It is a one-touch fully-automatic device with silent inflation. It could store up to 90 BP data readings so you can easily assess your past measurements and constantly ensure a healthy condition. What makes the Citizen CH-432 the best blood pressure monitoring machine in India is surely its simplistic design with a range of attractive features. Like all BP machines, it comes up in two parts; a measuring unit and a cuff. You can inflate the cuff in the help of the inflating pump and the big display on the monitor shows the data very clearly and efficiently.

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The Citizen device offers you an accurate reading of your BP and pulse. It could display the BP measurement ranging from 0 to 280 mmHg and pulse from 40 to 180 beats per minute. Moreover, it highlights an auto shut-off feature and so when not in use it turns off automatically by guaranteeing you the maximum battery life. Of course, it is one of the top-sellers in India with a lot of takers and a good customer rating on all key retail sites in India. Follow the link above to buy a unit of the Citizen CH-432 blood pressure machine from Amazon.

Notable Features

  • A one-touch fully-automatic blood pressure machine. 
  • Lightweight, and highly portable BP machine. 
  • Enhanced battery life thanks to the auto shut-off facility. 
  • Capable to store a memory of 90 BP readings.

6. JSB DBP05 Digital Arm BP Monitor

We have yet another awesome blood pressure machine from a brand called JSB. As its title says, this is an arm BP machine that you can use to assess the systolic and diastolic BP count and pulse rate easily at home. The fully automatic machine just works on a press of a button and it has many exciting features. First off, it comes with WHO blood pressure classification indication so that you can assess your measurements with the global standards. At the same time, you can use it to store the BP data of two persons with 90 reading for each.

Check Price and Buy @ JSB DBP05 Digital Arm BP Monitor

This machine also has all the common features. You get it with an irregular heartbeat indicator, a larger LCD screen to help you read the BP counts quickly, and a universal 6V power adapter for USB charging. Inside the device, you have four AAA batteries and it weighs just around 1KG like all similar products. You can easily take it anywhere thanks to its lightweight and portable design. If you like this BP machine, follow the link above to order a unit at a great price, by the way.

Notable Features

  • A fully-automatic blood pressure monitoring machine. 
  • Lightweight and portable for regular BP checkups. 
  • WHO blood pressure classification indication.

7. Healthgenie BPM01W Upper Arm BP Monitor

Here is the final model on our search for the best blood pressure monitoring machine in India. It is an upper arm BP machine with a cuff size of 22-36 cm. That is a regular arm size and you can buy a large cuff separately if your arm is rather bulkier. This is a very stylish and lightweight monitor with all the advanced features such as an irregular heartbeat indicator, auto shut-off facility, and a larger display. Coming to the performance, this is again a great product you can trust for an accurate reading of your BP measurements.

Check Price and Buy @ Healthgenie BPM01W Upper Arm BP Monitor

It could record your pulse between 30 to 180 beats per minute and offer quite accurate BP measurements also. By the way, it has got a good memory that can record up to 120 readings. Coming to the device, this is very compact and small in size. You can use it anywhere by easily carrying in your backpack. Regarding the customer reviews and rating, it is certainly one of the best blood pressure machines you could buy online in India. It has got such a good rating and a lot of reviews from its takers on all leading retail sites in India.

Notable Features

  • A fully-automatic upper arm digital BP machine.
  • Very compact and portable BP monitor. 
  • Capable to store 120 BP measurement readings in its memory.
  • One of the top-seller BP machines in India. 

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the top-seller blood pressure machines in India. Hopefully, it would help you find the best blood pressure monitoring machine in India to keep a check on your BP measurements regularly at home. We have tried to included all the best-seller models. If you don’t find a favorite model on our list you can follow any of the above affiliate links to do more research on Amazon. By the way, share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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